Ponuka porgramov

Fakir & Belly dance

Mystical art from Orient and seductive movements of belly dancers transfer you to the world, where dreams comes true.

It is possible order only fakir, one or two belly dancers, but you can combine fakir with belly dancers, or chose more dancers for bigger show. If you dare, feast with dancers, walk through broken glass or try fire walk. You can pet live snake too.

This show is suitable in interior and exterior.


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This show enthrall graceful movements and fascinated captivating power of fire. Performance is inspired in fantasy stories and exotic distant lands. Fireworks from our production can accompany show. This show is suitable in interior and exterior. Fire poi, fire rope, fire staff of fire performers wins you over.


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Burning peoples, shooting, falls from heights and down stairs. Action scenes from your favourite film or series . All this and more we can provide in your event.


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Mysterious world of illusions is here only for you. Many conjuring programs for your eyes.

Piercing woman, escape from straitjacket, unconventional Bian Lian (changing face illusion). Magic shows for kindergartens, schools or birthday parties can entertain you. We offer performances for big stage, but for chamber environment too. You choose and world of magic come to you.


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UV show

Vision of colorfull dream can comes true. Figures from dark can drag into their world.

This performance is suitable for interior. It is necessary to dark room, in case of exterior show, it is possible only by night.


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Light show

In this show performers create unique stor,y from ligt patterns,music and movements right in front of your eyes.

We use technology Visual Poi V 4. We can enrich performance by logos or any inscriptions. Music harmonize with movements, light with special effects. This experience you will be remembered!


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Dance shows

Traditional and increasingly popular part of programs can amuse your event. Ballroom and Latin American dances, Cancan, Gypsy dances, Polynesian dances or Cabaret dances.


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